Arctic Spa Features

Hand Built meets High Tech

A trip down the production floor at an Arctic Spas® production facility showcases the best of both worlds.

Precision cutting water-jet robots work methodically in our shell construction area while craftsmen hand-assemble our beautiful western red cedar cabinets before these components meet in a blending of technology and touch that makes an Arctic Spas® so unique, and the most prized possession in your backyard.

Your choice of Hot Tub Series or All Weather Pool will determine the Standard and Optional Features Available. Click on any of the features below to jump straight to it and learn more! Otherwise, give us a call at 715-722-0232 or stop by our showroom, and we would be happy to answer any questions you have.

Elastocast Shell – Standard Arctic Spa Features

The basis of any quality spa is the strength of the shell. At Arctic Spas®, we start with a wide selection of high gloss smooth and textured ABS backed cast acrylics.

Then a proprietary heat transferring, no VOCs, composite material called Elastocast™ is sprayed on the shell to give steadfast structural integrity.

This environmentally responsible way of building a spa shell allows us to take advantage of our Northern Insulation Heatlock® system.

Self-Supporting Composite Hull – Standard Arctic Spa Features

The shell of an Arctic Spas® is undoubtedly the core of our design, and as such, is uniquely designed to handle this function.

We begin by vac-forming sheets of premium Aristech® Cast Acrylic, transferring thousands of hours of mould design and engineering into a tactile form. At Arctic Spas®, we hand apply layer after layer of a proprietary filler-free fiberglass composite material to give this form its legendary strength.

We apply more fiberglass than anyone else in the business – and no cost-saving shortcuts are taken; no plastic backing, no props or supports, and no foam is ever applied to our shell.

After numerous procedures to check strength and alignment criteria, shells head to our state of the art water-jet robotic and CNC cutting stations for trimming. The result is a perfect blend of strength and accuracy – and the backbone for the application of cutting edge technology that is signature Arctic Spas®.

We are so confident in the strength of our hot tub shell that we offer a lifetime warranty on the shell structure.

HEATLOCK® – Standard Arctic Spa Features

The investment in constructing a self-supporting shell allows Arctic Spas® to insulate differently than everyone else. For our hot tub design inspiration, we didn’t have to look far though – our homes in northern Canada provided us all we needed.

We insulate the exterior walls, the floors and most importantly the attics of our homes and we tuck everything important to us within this insulated envelope. Ambient heat from the pump penetrates the spa shell and heats the water. In winter this heat returns to the pump area in the event of a power loss.

We have always believed that insulation below the water surface is of small value if the areas above and directly to the sides of the water are not adequately insulated (seriously, doesn’t heat rise?). The “attic” of our design is our Vacseal Cover which retains even more of your energy dollars.

Next, high density polyurethane foam is applied to the cabinet walls and lip underside to a thickness that stops heat loss.

We finish off this insulation envelope with the same foam applied into our floor systems. Then, we place all our equipment inside this cocoon, creating a perfect, stable operating environment.

FreeHeat™ Perimeter Insulation System – Standard Arctic Spa Features

Insulation in the right place saves you money, every day! The investment in constructing a self-supporting shell allows Arctic Spas® to insulate differently than everyone else.

For our design inspiration, we didn’t have to look far, our homes in northern Canada provided us all we needed. We insulate the exterior walls, the floors and most importantly the attics of our homes and we tuck everything important to us within this insulated envelope.

Ambient heat from the pump penetrates the spa shell and heats the water. In winter this heat returns to the pump area in the event of a power loss. We have always believed that insulation below the water surface is of small value if the areas above and directly to the sides of the water are not adequately insulated (seriously, doesn’t heat rise?).

The “attic” of our design is our Mylovac cover, which at 5” of thickness and featuring a full-length baffle is capable of retaining even more of your energy dollars. Next, high density polyurethane foam is applied to the cabinet walls and lip underside to a thickness that stops heat loss. We finish off this insulation envelope with the same foam applied into our floor systems.

Then, we place all our equipment inside this cocoon, creating a perfect, stable operating environment.

Insulated Everlast Floor – Standard Arctic Spa Features

The Core Series are available with our Everlast™ floor. This vacuum formed durable recycled ABS bottom is fully insulated and completely seals the underside of the spa, keeping it impervious to moisture, pests and time.

Forever Floor™

Moving Your Hot Tub or Spa has Never Been Easier! Already renowned for our sturdy insulated platform wood floor, standard on every Arctic Spas®, our engineers decided to raise the bar yet again by developing the Forever Floor®.

Composed of SMC fiberglass composites, this floor is impervious to moisture, pests, and time. It completely eliminates the need for foundation materials like concrete, decking, or blocks! Just set it on firm, level ground, hook it up, fill and use.

Installation has never been easier and your floor will last forever in any conditions. In addition, your portable spa is now truly portable. If you move spa locations in your yard or if you move across town, the foundation comes with you.

Hot Tub Cover

This is an upgrade to the standard cover that comes with your hot tub. New material technology is now available that prolongs the life of the foam cover insert before it takes on water or gets damaged by heavy snow load.

The VacSeal upgrade can add years to the life of your cover, and is particularly useful if you have severe winters or heavy snowfall.

Available in: 4″-2″ or 5″-4″

MYLOVAC™ – The World’s Finest Hot Tub Cover

Longest Lasting Cover, Period!

To top it all off, we offer an optional upgraded cover that is unlike any other in the industry. The Mylovac™ cover starts with foam twice as dense as the industry average. We also insert a metal “C” channel into the foam centers.

This creates a cover capable of supporting thousands of pounds of weight. Never worry about snow loads or kid loads again. We then wrap these inserts in a metal/poly bag (similar to a coffee bag). This bag is then vacuumed and heat sealed.

This technology is the only system that is capable of completely keeping moisture off of your cover inserts. Wet and heavy covers result in constantly increasing running costs as well as regular cover replacement.

Longer wind flaps, locking straps, carry handles, and an insulating baffle along the entire seam, finish off the best cover in the industry.

This cover will save you thousands over the life of owning your spa.

Western Red Cedar Cabinets – Standard Arctic Spa Features

Nature’s Perfect Building Material Beauty, strength and accessibility are built into every Arctic Spas® cabinet.

We construct each cabinet using kiln-dried, clear, furniture-grade Western Red cedar. This product is uniquely suited for our purpose, it has remarkable ability to thrive in a wide range of temperatures, humidities, and a high resistance to pests. In our design the corners are rounded with tongue-and-groove vertical cedar dadoed into top and bottom 2 x 4 rails.

The sturdiness of our cabinets is incomparable. No sagging, shifting or misalignment will occur. All come with up to eight inset access doors, two on each side, allowing easy service and upgrades to any part of the spa. To finish the cabinet, three coats of a special, protective wood treatment is applied.

Core No Maintenance Cabinet – Standard Arctic Spa Features

Core Series cabinets are designed to have the appearance of natural wood with the durability and low maintenance of synthetic composite materials. Theres no need to sand or stain the cabinet regularly.

Core Series cabinets can be easily cleaned with the garden hose. Note too, that the cabinets walls are easily removed to allow easy serviceability to internal components. Offered in three earth tone colors to match your backyard decor.

Total Access – Standard Arctic Spa Features

Being able to get to all spa components in the future just makes sense. All Arctic Spas® come standard with insulated removable access panels on all sides of the cabinet.

Many companies bury hundreds of potential problems completely in foam, effectively ensuring that service is a nightmare when this foam needs to be removed and replaced to perform any service.

Total Access also gives you the ability to upgrade your spa in the future. As we develop technologies or as your needs change, your Arctic Spas® can easily be upgraded.

There is no need to trade in your spa every few years when we can simply add jets, pumps, lights, music, purification or any other features in the future. Having to trade your spa in every few years to keep up with technology will get very expensive.

Eco Pak Control System – Standard Arctic Spa Features

The standard control system available on an Arctic Spas® is the Gecko brand spa pack and topside. This premium-class control system is extremely dependable, and offers good upgradability and ease of use.

Its capable self-diagnostic function makes service issues very straightforward – most issues can be resolved with a quick call to a technician. Heating, filtration and salt water system control are all programmable via the touch-pad topside control.

We also offer an upgrade to our Eco Pak control system. This cutting-edge platform is ready for the future with a faster processor, improved relays, an Ethernet connection to access the internet, and features huge upgradability.

With Internet connectivity, your spa becomes a portal to all the internet can provide – real time monitoring, downloadable upgrades, interactive troubleshooting guides, tutorials – and we’re just getting started!

Also available with the new Eco Pak is our Bluetooth®/ WiFi module – OnSpa®. If your spa is OnSpa® – equipped, any WiFi – enabled device, such as an iPhone® can function as your spa remote control. With the Arctic Spas® smart-phone apps, you can change filtration rates, operate jets, stereos and lighting systems. Additionally, you can stream audio from any Bluetooth – enabled device to the spa’s stereo systems.

Upgrades and updates to the Eco Pak spa pack will be delivered via the Arctic Spas® Smartphone Apps*, so your pack’s functionality can continue to grow seamlessly. And, best of all, as we continue to develop new systems, this platform has the capability to handle them all.

The Arctic Spas® iPhone app and Android apps are ready for downloading now, simply search the app store on your phone for Arctic Spas® and click INSTALL. Its free, of course! Even if you don’t have OnSpa® on your hot tub, the apps are still useful; they contain info such as the owners manuals and troubleshooting tips.

ONSPA – Standard Arctic Spa Features

OnSpa® allows you to monitor and control your hot tub from anywhere in the world using the Arctic Spa® App on your phone or via the web portal.

OnSpa® allows our technicians to monitor and access your hot tub in real time, from anywhere in the world, anytime.

OnSpa® was introduced way back in 2011 and keeps getting better and more advanced every day. This advanced control system originally enabled full control of your Arctic Spa® with your smart phone.

It has evolved to be much more and continues to have new features added on a regular basis.

OnSpa® is a control system that enables 2-way internet communication and control.

Arctic Pure Water Care – Standard Arctic Spa Features


Arctic Spas® authorized dealers can provide a full line of Arctic Pure® chemicals for your spa.

Using the approved Arctic Pure® system ensures that your chemicals are economical, filler and additive – free and give greater consistency to your water maintenance program.

Be sure to ask for Arctic Pure® brand water treatment products to maximize the life of your hot tub.

Titanium Heater – Standard Arctic Spa Features

Guaranteed for five years, no questions asked.

Arctic Spas® optional Titanium™ heater uses the latest in heating technology to maximize efficiency and reliability for your peace of mind.

The Titanium™ heater has a titanium element that prevents the buildup of minerals, and is corrosion resistant to stand up to the harsh environment.

On top of that, the no fault warranty covers the heater element for a full 5 years.

Reflex Torsion Hose – Standard Arctic Spa Features

Arctic Spas® is the first company in the industry to use Reflex Torsion Hose in every hot tub and spa.

This highly specialized pipe is designed to fit externally over rigid PVC fittings, which allows greater gluing surface, higher water flow and eliminates fitting leaks due to hose movement. Water in the spa hoses can be heavy and this pipe actually swells to absorb stress from the fittings, which guarantees no problems.

Reflex Torsion Hose is clear with a colour-coded strand of PVC running through it. This makes for easy troubleshooting and allows us to see the coloured glue when we water-test each spa at the factory.

Safety Approvals – Standard Arctic Spa Features

Arctic Spas® is an original member in good standing as a certified HotTubStar manufacturer. As Canada’s largest hot tub company Arctic Spas® is committed to being a leader in pursuing tougher energy use legislation and will continue to drive the agenda of manufacturing responsible, safe and efficient products, and honesty in advertising.

A visit to any of our production facilities will showcase the best of both worlds. Precision cutting water jet robots work methodically in our shell construction area while craftsmen hand-assemble our beautiful western red cedar cabinets.

These components are combined in a blend of technology and touch, making the Arctic Spas® truly unique, possibly even the most prized possession in your backyard!

As an international hot tub manufacturer, we are required by law to meet certain quality and safety standards. We choose to get our certification from TÜV, one of the most strict and respected manufacturing certification organizations in the world.

Beware if your hot tub is not certified by a respected agency to meet UL 1563 (USA), CSA C22.2 #218 (Canada), and IEC 60335-1/IEC 60335-2-60 (Europe).

Activeskim Filtration – Standard Arctic Spa Features

Sparkling clean water, with minimum effort and the widest choice of user-customizable options.

As Arctic Spas® continues to refine our patented filtration systems and develop new ideas, our goal has always been to keep your spa water safe and clean, and to do so with the least amount of work for the spa owner as possible.

Because of such vast differences in usage (bather load), source water quality, and other parameters, we realized that we needed to give the spa owner more choice. With some good advice from an authorized Arctic Spas® dealer, you now have many custom filtration and technology options.

Each Arctic Spas® filter chamber houses our Active Skim Filtration mechanism, which constantly adjusts to the changing water level in your tub thus maintaining powerful surface skimming.

With Active Skim Filtration, contaminants at the surface are drawn down into the filter regardless of water level, unlike typical systems. Additionally, the mechanism traps larger particles in an integrated basket, and does not allow them to be released back into the bather pool.

More Control = Cleaner Water

All Arctic Spas® come standard with an adjustable filter cycle system using low speed on pump 1 to do the filtering. This system is now programmable from 1 to 24 hours of run time.

Silver Sentinel 1 Micron Filters

These depth filters trap particles within the filter media (up to 900 sq. ft in each filter) and offer the additional benefit of embedded nano silver internal coating.

At an amazing 1 Micron level of particle trapping, Silver Sentinel filters offer the highest level of filtration, and are disposable and recyclable. All Silver Sentinel Filters eliminate the need for many auxiliary de-foaming, clarifiers, filter cleaners and coagulating chemicals.

Compact Pleated Filter

This combination option provides the fine filtration of the Compact Pleated Filter technology with the versatility of a reusable bag filter. The microfiber bag filter can handle sporadic highuse or high-debris periods without requiring frequent replacement of the Pleated filter portion of the system.

Microfiber Filters

These simple but effective filters can be used to quickly clean up your spa water after periods of high use, or low maintenance.

They can be rinsed and re-used, and are very affordable.

Great to have a few on hand, ready to have your tub sparkling for a weekend of entertaining!

*Dual filter chambers not available on the Arctic Fox or Core Series.

Progressive “Smart” Filtration – Standard Arctic Spa Features

Sparkling clean water with minimum effort and customizable options. Years of engineering and testing have finally led us to what we believe is the finest filtration system available on spas today.

This simple yet amazingly effective system uses multiple layers of different filter medias to effectively capture all sizes of particles found in spa water. We start with a very course media designed to catch large particles. We slowly decrease size of the media layers in the filter cartridge to catch the smallest particles in the water.

We use 5 different types of media in the filters that allow each layer to catch the size of particle it was designed to. The result is amazingly clean water and significantly improved filter longevity.

As we continue to develop our Progressive Filtration System, we will be able to change the filter media layers to account for specific water situations. Areas with high iron can have an iron filter added; high calcium, a calcium filter etc. Water with more contaminants in a specific micron range can have more of that media added.

The result will be custom built filters to provide the most effective and long lasting filters built specifically for your area. With the OnSpa® app you will be able to determine what type of filter you have in your spa and when it was last changed.

Aquaflow Pumps – Highly Efficient

Better Engineering always results in Better Performance and Efficiency.

When sourcing the ultimate motor for a hot tub, two factors stand in the forefront for consideration. Water flow and efficiency. We want great water flow to provide the best massage possible when pumps are on high speed. We also are concerned about water flow on low speed or when the tub is filtering.

Higher flow rates during filtration do a much better job of pulling contaminants into the filter media. On the other hand we want to do this while consuming the least amount of power. Our R&D department solved both issues by sourcing out new High Efficiency Pumps. These pumps draw minimal amperage yet produce an extremely high volume of water flow.

This is especially important on our filtration cycles.These pumps have a low speed amp draw that rivals a circulation pump but still move approximately 50 gal/min through the filters during filtration. And on high speed they accomplish the same thing; better flow with lower power consumption. Keep in mind, higher horsepower does not always equate to better performance.

It always comes back to engineering. And in every Arctic Spas® we attach our motors using a specially designed vibration dampening mounting bracket that keeps them running whisper quiet.

Low Profile – Ripple Jets – Standard Arctic Spa Features

These sleek jets are engineered with the same Arctic Spas® patented rotating, bearing-less Pulse™ jets with the added beauty of stainless steel, resistant to corrosion and rusting.

These jets are a great upgrade for our CLASSIC Series and come standard with our CUSTOM Series Hot Tubs and All Weather Pools.

Pepperleaf Pulse Jets – Amazing Therapy Jets

Arctic Spas® patented rotating, bearing-less Pepperleaf Pulse™ jets provide a range of massage from light and refined to deep and invigorating.

As the nozzle smoothly rotates on a titanium shaft, water oscillates in a pattern that never stings. Our jets thread in and out, so that removal is never a hassle, but still retain an adjustable face to vary the pressure as required.

With no ball bearings to ever seize and fail, your personal masseuse never takes a day off.

Comfort & Therapy

Comfort, Comfort, Comfort. As spa seating designs have evolved over the years, at Arctic Spas® we’ve slowly been transitioning to more sculptured, comfortable designs.

Our seats have been meticulously designed to wrap around and support a wide range of body dimensions, with multi-level armrests and adjustable headrests in all the right spots.

Our Shuttle Seats are arguably the most comfortable seats in hot tubs. You will find some models with one as well as some with up to four of these ultimately comfortable locations. You’re guaranteed to find one that fits you perfectly. Enjoy reading?

These shuttle seats have multiple levels of raised armrests that provide the perfect rest to hold your book or tablet above the water level without tiring. Within these sculpted seats we’ve taken great effort to position our jets to provide the best massage possible.

All seats will be slightly different to provide a unique massage in each chair.

Northern Lights Color Changing LED System

Northern Lights: Inspired by the Aurora Borealis of our northern winter skies, the optional Arctic Spas® Northern Light system brings digital colour changes and fades to your spa.

With an extensive variety of patterns and sequences, you can choose the perfect lighting scheme for your mood. The system has two light locations that work together to fill your spa with colour.

Adjustable Headrests – Standard Arctic Spa Features

After years of issues dealing with poorly placed, deteriorating pillows, we believe we’ve finally come up with the ultimate pillow design.

Our new telescoping design adjusts to perfectly fit varying heights of bathers. The pivoting mechanism also cradles the neck to maximize the comfort. The pillows are still removable for cleaning but will never be found floating around the spa.

Finally, we’ve changed the product the pillows are made from. Most pillows are made from a polyurethane foam. These pillows absorb water and can deteriorate quite quickly in a hot tub environment. Our new pillow is made of a rubber like material called EVA.

This material (used for CROC™ shoes) unlike PU foam, does not absorb water or deteriorate rapidly.

Core Waterfall Experience

Hot Tubs come with this relaxing laminar four jet water feature.

You can adjust this fine detail to create your perfect water flow and personal calming sound!

Available with our Family lighting options these jets are equipped with LED lighting that offer a full range of lighting effects that accentuate your soothing experience.

Swim Systems

Because we’re inspired by flexibility, we translated this commitment into five different models of All Weather Pool. There are six unique models to choose from, depending on your need for exercise, therapy, family and friends, or all of the above.

Niagara Counter Current Swim System

Providing a powerful current for swimmers to strive against, the Niagara System endows a pool with an aquatic jet-stream. This system is adjustable in both vertical and horizontal planes for improved performance regardless of surface or underwater activity, and water travels up to 27 feet per second through unobtrusive flat mounted jets. Available on select models.

Monsoon Counter Current Swim System

These high volume jets provide a powerful current, perfect for recreational swimming or fitness, and ideal for all around fun. They guarantee usability for swimmers of any ability.

Tether Resistance Swim System

This swim system, developed with professional athletes, transforms each of our All Weather Pools into a means of rehabilitation or conditioning by providing stationary resistance while swimming.

Comprised of a flexible pole and bungee, the tether is fully and soundly adjustable to suit every user’s needs.

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