The most advanced Automated Water Care System on the market.

Exclusive to Arctic Spa, Spa Boy is an automated salt water care system. Instead of needing to manually test and calibrate your spa’s chemicals, Spa Boy monitors and maintains ideal spa water conditions. It’s able to generate it’s own saltwater so that you don’t need to deal with different chemicals.

This eliminates much of the hassle that comes with spa ownership. Spa Boy uses medical-grade sensors to constantly analyze your water. This allows the system to control the output of the integrated salt water system, ensuring that your spa’s water stays clean.

In the event your spa’s pH value is out of balance, Spa Boy will alert you so you can take action. This warning is displayed on the spa’s control panel, the mobile app, and the portal.

Spa Boy is a revolutionary tool that reduces headache so you can spend your time relaxing. You’ll be able to relax in a soft and silky, high sodium, low saline bath that feels incredible – without the chemical smell!

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