Pizza Ovens

Pizza Ovens: Bring Authentic Italian Flavors to Your Backyard

Pizza Ovens are the ultimate backyard appliance to cook not just pizzas but bread, vegetables, meats, and more! Family and friends will love to gather around as you cook delicious food in your very own pizza oven. Available in both gas and wood fired options, pizza ovens are designed for high temperature cooking, allowing you to cook several pizzas in just minutes!

At Power House Lawn & Leisure we carry the Alfa Pizza Ovens, made in Italy for a truly authentic night of pizza. Considered some of the best pizza ovens on the market, Alfa pizza ovens are designed for maximum heat retention, and their dome design allows for even and consistent cooking.

We also offer the lightweight and portable HALO Pizza Oven, which is perfect for camping, tailgating, nights at friend’s houses, or a night at home!