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Breeo Outpost™ Grill with Bag 24″

The Outpost™ Grill is the ultimate grilling system for over the fire cooking. Engineered for maximum heat control, durability, and portability, this self pounding grill grate can go from your X Series fire pit to the campsite with ease. Built with 304 stainless steel and a highly portable design, take the Outpost grill on all your camping adventures.

  • Included –  Outpost™ Grill, Anchorpoint™ system, and carrying bag for maximum portability.
  • Adjustability – Fully adjustable height and 360° rotation for the ultimate cooking accessory.
  • Anchorpoint™ System – The detachable Anchorpoint allows you to pair the grill with your X Series fire pit or use on its own.

Please Note: The Outpost™ Grill is a fully independent system. Do not use any additional tools (mallets, hammers, etc.) when inserting the system into the ground.

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