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Croix Valley Garlic BBQ Booster 6OZ

Croix Valley’s Garlic Barbecue Booster is the most versatile product in the entire Croix Valley family of products. Our Barbecue Booster line can be shaken over food before, during or after the cook like you would use any seasoning such as salt and pepper. Garlic Barbecue Booster is an all purpose rub & seasoning perfect for beef, chicken, pork, fish, vegetables and more. Designed for any dish that needs a little boost of garlic, this seasoning is far more complex then just garlic lending it to be the ideal all purpose seasoning for absolutely any protein, sauce, vegetable, or pasta dish. Perfect as a dry rub added to meats before cooking, this seasoning is equally as versatile in place of salt and other spices to simply add great flavor to any dish.

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