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Croix Valley Hickory BBQ Wing And BBQ Booster


Croix Valley Hickory Barbecue Wing and BBQ Booster imparts a symphony of grilled and smoked flavors into any dish.

Croix Valley’s Wing and BBQ Booster are the perfect seasoning for wings and more. Rub your wings before you grill, smoke or bake, or deep fry and toss ’em with the seasoning. Want next level taste? Pair your wings with our award-winning sauces and enjoy endless combinations of flavor.

Incredibly versatile, use Croix Valley Wing and BBQ Booster as a finishing rub for all of your favorite foods. From veggies and fries to seafood, popcorn, burgers and more. Simply finish your food with a dusting of seasoning and transform the flavors of any meal.

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