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Frag Out Bunker Buster, Steak & Wild Game


Ingredients: Himalayan Pink Sea Salt, Sugar, Granulated Honey, Spices, Garlic, Onion

Prepare to unleash an explosion of flavor with our Bunker Buster Steak and Wild Game seasoning! This spice blend is your culinary artillery that goes beyond the grill. While it’s expertly crafted for steak and wild game, its adaptability knows no bounds.

Bunker Buster is a meticulously crafted no-heat blend with a slightly sweet aroma, complimented by a medley of other quality herbs and spices. From juicy steaks to savory wild game, from roasted vegetables to grilled chicken, Bunker Buster enhances the natural flavors of your ingredients, turning each bite into a delectable masterpiece.


No heat


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