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Leonard Poly-Steel Lawn Rake

This Leonard Lawn Rake features a durable poly/steel head design. This 22-1/2-inch wide head has 25 steel tines. A plastic connection and brace secure the tines in place. This rake includes a 54-inch long, 15/16-inch diameter hardwood handle. Attach this handle to the head using the included screw.

The Leonard Poly-Steel Lawn Rake makes short work of leaves, sticks, and other debris. The tines are flexible, allowing for a good sweep. The poly brace provides enough stability to prevent the tines from bending or breaking individually.

We believe that you should not have to sacrifice quality for price. That is why our Poly-Steel Lawn Rake is affordable enough to outfit your entire crew! Despite the low price point, this rake is as durable as more expensive models. We back this quality tool with our lifetime warranty!

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Product Specs

  • Head width (inches): 22-1/2
  • Tine count: 25
  • Handle material: Wood
  • Handle length (inches): 54
  • Handle diameter (inches): 15/16

Product Features

  • Lawn rake
  • Steel tines
  • Poly connector and brace
  • Durable hardwood handle
  • Included screw for handle attachment


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