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New Original Grill & Smoker Special Edition PK Franklin Grill Teal/Coal

We call it the New Original because at the heart of its upgraded retro architecture, our grill embodies the spirit and pure cooking simplicity of the very first cast aluminum PK Grill to come out of its mold in 1952. Still built to cook. Still built to last. As always, 100% Original.

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Aaron Franklin

When Aaron and Stacy Franklin opened up a small barbecue trailer in Austin, Texas in 2009, they had no idea what they had gotten themselves into. Since then, Franklin Barbecue has grown to legendary, bucket list status, and become the most sought after smoked meat in the land.

As a self-proclaimed tinkerer—known to obsess over the precise details of heat efficiency and cooking functionality — Aaron has found multiple ways to share his passion and knowledge of the smoked arts beyond his famed restaurant, including books, online tutorials, sauces, spices, and backyard pits (like the one pictured). And now, for the first time ever, a partnership and custom grill! Aaron discovered the Original PK grill way back in the day, and fell in love with its design and performance. Over the years, Aaron’s constant engagement with Original PK led to a friendship with the folks behind the brand. Thus, a hot-rodded PK was born, resulting in this Special Edition PK+Franklin Grill. Let the magic begin.

Please visit franklinbbq.com to learn more about Franklin Barbecue and cool stuff designed to make smoking and grilling better and more fun.


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