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PKGO Hibachi

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  • 200 square inches of cooking surface
  • Dual-purpose cutting board/locking cover
  • Highly Portable
  • Dual side cam-locks for ash containment
  • Lightweight Aluminum construction
  • Unique partitioned lower vents direct intake airflow
  • Two-position height-adjustable, cast iron cooking grate
  • Optional ceramic coated cast iron flat top griddle
  • Cast aluminum and Stainless steel construction designed to last decades
  • Heavy Duty Coated Charcoal Grate
  • PK standard durahingeā„¢
  • Ridiculously cute
  • 20 year warranty

PKGO Hibachi’s Construction Eliminates Hot Spots

Unlike other grills, the PKGO Hibachi cook chamber is constructed entirely from aluminum. Aluminum conducts heat 4x more efficiently than steel, which means heat is dispersed evenly throughout the capsule. Say goodbye to expensive mistakes and hello to evenly cooked meats and veggies.

PKGO Hibachi’s Construction Is Rust-Proof

Your PKGO Hibachi will be with you through decades of sunshine, rain, sleet, snow, humidity, disco music, you name it. PK grills produced before the moon landing are still cooking strong to this day, so buying a rust-proof aluminum PK saves you dollars in the long run.


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