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Rammy ATV Flail Mower 120

The Rammy Flail Mower 120 is a front mount mower for cutting grass, hay, and brush up to 3/4″ diameter. It attaches to almost any ATV using a center mounted snowplow mount bracket.

To adjust the height of the Rammy, you move the rear roller and front casters on the mower. This allows you to adjust the height between 3/4″ and 4″ but additional adjustment is possible via the winch on your ATV.

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The Rammy Flail Mower mounts to your ATV using its universal snowplow bracket. However, your ATV needs a winch to raise and lower the cutter between mowing and transport positions. We also recommend using about 100 lb of ballast weight on the rear rack of your ATV, to offset the added weight of the Rammy.

Additionally, you can tighten your front springs (if adjustable), as well as your front tire pressures, to help alleviate the extra weight on the suspension. If your ATV has a soft front suspension, it would benefit from having heavy duty springs or spring inserts installed.

As a side note, the ATV only supports the Rammy’s weight in transport position. While mowing the weight of the flail mower is on the ground.

Optional Add-ons

An optional $299 side shift kit is available. With it, the flail mower can be shifted almost 15 inches to the left of center. This is great for mowing fence rows or any other place that you’d want the mower further left of the tires on your ATV.

The flail mower comes standard with 44 Y-blades which are designed for rough cut. The 44 blades mount in pairs in 22 locations to form a Y shape. However, there is an optional $399 hammer blade set, which is intended for finish cutting. This set consists of 22 blades, that are wider with a long flat edge.

Rammy Flail Mowers

Rammy mowers are manufactured in Finland and are made with quality and efficiency in mind. As a front mount ATV flail mower, you don’t flatten the grass, or brush, before mowing. This gives you a better and more consistent cut.


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